Anthony (Tony) Puzzilla retired from the federal government in 2009 after 43 years of service. During his government years, the focus of his work was in the fields of disaster preparation, response, and recovery with the Departments of Energy and Homeland Security in affiliation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. He is now a full-time writer and lecturer focusing on railroads, the Civil War, and motion picture history.


in motion picture HISTORY

By Anthony G. Puzzilla

In the history of motion pictures, from the silent era to modern times, there are literally hundreds of thousands of memorable scenes which seem to have achieved a life of their own as they often transcend the movie itself and become a symbol of human intolerance, horror, struggle, salvation, endurance, vindication, joy, and hope. In other words, all aspects of human existence and experience.

In most cases, they are the culmination of a movie, the embodiment and essence of the film or they stand alone and are fondly remembered, either with fondness, hope, laughter or even utter fear. The scene may also be the prelude to a subsequent sequence of events in the movie, butthey set the stage for that series of developments.

Whatever the case, they remain the defining film moments and iconic images which will endure for as long as motion pictures are remembered. The book will not only discuss the intrinsic essence of the 100 greatest scenes in motion picture history themselves, but also the mechanics and thought processes that created each of these scenes

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Mr. Puzzilla is currently writing a new book to be published by Canoe Tree Press in Spring 2022. The small town of La Plata, Maryland was the scene of the deadliest tornado in Maryland history when a F-4 tornado struck on November 9, 1926. The storm killed 17 people, 13 children, and 4 adults, and completely destroyed a local public school. Many more were injured. Besides leveling the school building, at least a dozen farmhouses and barns were totally destroyed and the damage was estimated at thousands of dollars.  On April 28, 2002, the town was the scene of the strongest and most destructive tornado in Maryland history and the second most severe tornado ever to hit the eastern United States after the F-4 tornado which hit Worcester, Massachusetts on June 9, 1953.

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